Supporter Built


We’re a 501c3, community soccer club that has been built by its Members–and is run by its Members. There is a Member-elected Board that advises and guides the front office and the club is structured so that major decisions have to pass a Member vote. It’s created a human-scaled, supporter-focused, community-feeling club.

Anyone can become a Member, even if you’re not in Minnesota.


What Members Get


Membership is annual and the benefits come in two buckets.

First, Members get a season ticket, a unique member scarf with a new design each season, two flex tickets (a great way to bring along friends), and other goodies like 10% off at The Club Shop and other perks from our sponsors.

Second, Members get a voice in the club. Major club decisions are voted on by the entire membership. Members are also eligible to run for a spot on the Member Board, which works closely with club management on the club’s direction, operations, and day-to-day.

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