Minneapolis City SC is an authentic and affordable sporting experience in downtown Minneapolis and the club serves as a platform for local players–the team is always and only Minnesota-based–to showcase their ability and get to the next level.

As a sponsor, you will partner with a 501c3, all-volunteer organization that is working to make a difference in our community, for the members of our community. We’re on a mission, and we’ve gotten well known for it. Featured in publications like the Star Tribune, The Current, Huffington Post, and The Guardian, as well as regularly being the talk of soccer blogs and the social media, the club is big on the internet–and influential.

There is passion for soccer, and our locally-focused, uncorporate brand of it, that unites young professionals, suburban youth soccer players and their parents, and the growing and under-served ethnic urban communities of the Twin Cities metro. They are eager to support brands that support the club.

Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Jersey Sponsorship
  • Media marketing plan
  • Co-branded video
  • Logo placement on team website and social media
  • Web Broadcast advertising
  • Stadium advertising
  • Branded half-time promotional opportunities
  • Game-day giveaways, promotions, etc.
  • Team participation in sponsor events
  • Logo on game-day program
  • In-stadium activation

For more information please contact: Rey Riera / rey.riera@mplscitysc.com

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